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How to add a site to the GAC Web Directory

Step One:

  • Make sure your site will be accepted in our directory.
  • Your site should not contain any adult material, hatred, violence, racism, etc. (even through links).
  • Your site should not be 'Under Construction'. Please wait until your site is mostly finished before submitting.
  • Do not submit sites that are strictly mirrors of another site. Multiple submission of one site may result in removal from the directory.
  • Sites without an adequate English translation should be listed under the appropriate 'Regional' category.

Step Two:

  • Make sure your site is not already listed in any categories.

Step Three:

  • Choose one category in which your site is best described.
  • Sites submitted in inappropriate categories may be removed or rejected.

Step Four:

  • Fill out the form below completely.
  • Verify all of the information before submitting.
  • Site additions may take up to two weeks. Please be patient.
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